The Junior League Launches our Centennial Campaign

Click on the title to give to our once-in-a-century Campaign!

We’re pleased to announce that the Junior League of Columbus has launched a fundraising campaign to celebrate our hundred years of service to the Columbus community. You’ve all played a part in the JLC’s rich history; now we ask that you play a part in defining the JLC’s future.

For nearly a hundred years, we’ve offered a place for women to find our voices, broaden our knowledge, and use our skills for good. We’ve empowered women to speak up and speak out, and we continue to build the female leaders of today, while inspiring the leaders of tomorrow.

To make a multi-year commitment with recurring pledge reminders, click here.  If you are interested in making a large pledge or gift outside of cash, please reach out to for more information regarding our program.

To make an outright gift to the Centennial campaign, click here.


We thank our current sponsors and partners who have made the Junior League of Columbus’ efforts over the past century feasible. To read more about the campaign’s details, please visit: Centennial Campaign Details