Centennial Fundraising Campaign

We’re pleased to announce that the Junior League of Columbus has launched a fundraising campaign to celebrate our hundred years of service to the Columbus community. You’ve all played a part in the JLC’s rich history; now we ask that you play a part in defining the JLC’s future.

For nearly a hundred years, we’ve offered a place for women to find our voices, broaden our knowledge, and use our skills for good. We’ve empowered women to speak up and speak out, and we continue to build the female leaders of today, while inspiring the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Centennial Campaign is about more than just raising dollars – it is about empowering the next hundred years of visionary civic women leaders, leaders that spark lasting and meaningful change.

We’ve looked carefully at the most important and urgent needs of the JLC and have planned the Centennial Campaign to meet those needs. Our Campaign will raise monies through our members and close friends, and will offer pledges to be paid over a five year period.


Our campaign raises funds for 4 distinct areas:

  • Membership Training – Funds raised will enhance training, allow for an online curriculum module to be developed for leaders, and more AJLI leadership training tracks to be offered to JLC members
  • Community Projects – Contributions will ensure our Bridging the G.A.P. project will successfully be built out and thrive, and will help with additional new project incubation over the years
  • Kelton House – Investing in the Kelton House as our greatest physical asset improves the rental, business, and membership experience. Investments here will be used for needed capital and operating expenses like renovating the Carriage House and basement, bathrooms, and kitchen
  • JLC Endowment – Our increased Endowment will strengthen our financial foundation to allow for more mission based spending, better training programs, and greater membership sustainability

We believe in the League’s ability to impact change and create the women leaders of tomorrow. It is in this spirit that we ask you to join us as an advocate for the Junior League of Columbus’ Centennial Campaign.


To see our campaign material, including our Benefits package and Ways to Give, please see the below links.

To make a multi-year commitment with recurring pledge reminders, click here.  If you are interested in making a large pledge or gift outside of cash, please reach out to centennial@jlcolumbus.org for more information regarding our program.

To make an outright gift to the Centennial campaign, click here.


We thank our current sponsors and partners who have made the Junior League of Columbus’ efforts over the past century feasible.

Thank you to the following donors who have made a pledge or gift to our Centennial Campaign in celebration of our 100th anniversary, enabling us to preserve our history and build our future.

Susan Rector – In Honor of Barbara Darnell

Anne DeVoe

Mabel Freeman

Patricia Moloney

Kara Newbury

Diana Newman

Marisa Nye

Georgeanne and Mike Reuter

Leigh Anne Strahler

Anonymous – In Honor of Past Presidents

Alicia Adams

Donna and Harry McDonald Charitable Trust

Meg Flack

Jennifer Shea

The Friedmann Firm, LLC

Nicole Bergman – In Honor of my mother, Ellen E. Bergman

Kristina Ellis

Katie Grayem

Robin Hepler

Amy Jo & Rob Hernandez

Taylor Kotevski

Cortney Porter

Marilyn Pritchett – In Honor of the pluck and drive of the Past Presidents of the League

Lou Ann Ransom

Amy Roberts

Hayley Roberts

Laurie Schmidt-Moats

Alexandra Starbuck


Judith Brachman

Lynn Coons

Anne Chasser

Melissa Flanigan

Devin Henry

Ann Lund

Susie Seaman

Christin Smith

Nicole Stanley

Rochelle Toth

Lynn Anderson

Betley Vistain Builders

Virginia Barney

Mary Anne Baum

Lisa Blair

Diana Briggs

Kim Burns

Elizabeth Davin

Roberta Deyo

Molly Fanning

Graumlich Funeral Home

Karissa Donnoe Hodson

Lorie Huff

Courtney Kramer

Kathleen Lach Rowan

Nicole Lucas Lee

Chauna Mason

Kelly Mitchell – In Memory of MJ Miller

Molly O’Reilly

Annita Paolucci

Emma Piacentini

Jessica Rannow

Stephanie Rodgers

Margaret Rolf

Lesley Schaab

Veronica Scherbauer

Mandy Slack-Baker

Judi Stillwell

Tailored Management

Jill Tangeman

Sonya Thesing

Ann Toews

Elizabeth Vynalek

Dianna Wettrich

Andrew Wilkins – In Honor of my mother, Karen Wilkins