2016 Bargain Box Highlights

68th Annual Bargain Box Sale, Excels Again!

And just like that the 68th annual Bargain Box event went down in the books. Held again at the Resolute Athletic Complex, on October 7th and 8th 2016, the event went off without a hitch.  The much anticipated yearly sale was no easy feat, but with a committee of dedicated leaders and committee chair, Alicia Adams, who was confident that we could all make it happen, we jumped in with two feet.

Huge thanks go out to Jennifer CaJacob who through a business connection was able to secure a 30,000+ Sq. Ft. warehouse space from CASTO. Due to CASTO’s 100% donation of the space valued at approximately $50,000, they became the title sponsor for our event. Once the facility was secured, we decided that 12 donation drop-off dates would be adequate, as well as 4 large item pickup dates. Goodwill provided us with pallets and Gaylords to load and stack all of our inventory and we learned that right next door to the warehouse, Floor and Décor welcomed us to have as many usable pallets that we needed…to keep!

From warehouse to sale, E.E. Ward worked tirelessly to make sure that our entire inventory was carefully loaded up, delivered and positioned accordingly. At the end of the sale Goodwill gathered up all remaining items for further distribution with their organization.

Bargain Box has made $1.8 million since its inception in 1949 and the 2016 sale grossed a total of just over $30,000. We not only MET our goal, but EXCEEDED it!