Bargain Box

As the reign of Bargain Box comes to a celebrated close, we cherish the memories of this project; one of the longest-run fundraisers in Columbus. Bargain Box has become an annual event known by the masses for its
extensive departments and treasured finds. After the 65th Bargain Box, Vets Memorial (the venue where the most Bargain Boxes have been held) closed its doors. Since that time, it has been an ongoing struggle for the
League to find adequate space to store items and hold a sale. Further, the event itself takes a significant volunteer count, one of which is sizably larger than the League today.
In 2017, the Junior League Board of Directors and Management Council made the decision to sunset Bargain Box after its 70th Sale, which is now scheduled to take place on September 28-29, 2018. The goal was to send the project off on a high note in a milestone year and then redistribute volunteer efforts to community projects and programs that the Junior League could adequately support and sustain. And to send it off on the highest of notes, we have brought the event to our backyard (387 E. Beck Street), just a stone’s throw from our office on Franklin Avenue and our beloved Kelton House Museum & Garden on Town Street.
While we are saddened to put Bargain Box to rest, we realize all good things must come to an end and we are optimistic about what the future holds for our organization. As the Junior League of Columbus celebrates 95 years in the community, we are actively working to strategize on projects and programs that make the largest impact. Staying true to our mission, we continue to find the best ways to develop the potential of women and build the community leaders of tomorrow. We hope you will join us for one final Bargain Box sale this September and reminisce on its rich history in the Greater Columbus Community.