Frequently Asked Marketing Questions


What is the role of the marketing council? The marketing council mainly handles public communication (social posts), JLC News, and clearinghouse.


How do I submit to the JLC News? There are 2 ways to submit to the JLC new; 1. under the Resources tab => ‘request forms’ in Digital Cheetah. 2. At the bottom of the JLC news email, there is a button that links to the form.

Can anyone submit to the JLC News? Yes, anyone can submit.  But you need to make sure your council chair is aware. When submitting don’t forget to include the who, what, where, when, and why.

If I need to make changes to the JLC News who do I contact? currently, Kellie Ali, our JLC admin handles the JLC new submissions. Email

When are submissions due? Each week, submissions are due on Friday by 12 pm. The JLC news is then scheduled for Monday at 9 am.

Who reviews the JLC news? The Marketing Chair, President, and JLC admin review the JLC news before release.


Where do I find event photos?  All past event photos are in the corresponding Councils Marketing Drive