State Public Affairs Committee

The State Public Affairs Committee of the Junior Leagues of Ohio (SPAC), comprised of CincinnatiClevelandColumbusDaytonStark CountyToledo, and Youngstown, was founded in 1942 and has been the advocacy arm of the state’s Leagues, when the original SPAC group endorsed a bill concerning licensing of Practical Nurses.

The purpose of the non-partisan SPAC is to monitor the legislative process and laws in Ohio and to address issues and concerns in our collective state community. SPAC supports communication in the area of public affairs among the more than 3,300 Ohio Junior League volunteers and provide advocacy training and education on important issues.

While many individual Leagues are active with local advocacy, SPAC brings delegates from all member Leagues together to harness their voices and drive statewide change. A number of delegates from the Junior League of Columbus are appointed annually to serve on the Ohio SPAC. Additional members may serve on SPAC in elected board roles.

Benefits of SPAC participation, as a League or as an individual member of the SPAC Board, include the chance to receive and give advocacy training to improve the effectiveness of local volunteer efforts and to interact with state leaders to make a bigger impact at the state and national levels.

SPAC Vision

The State Public Affairs Committee of The Junior Leagues of Ohio impacts the lives of Ohioans through volunteer actions supporting three pillars: education, reciprocity of ideas, and advocacy.

We envision becoming a collective voice to further The Junior League Mission. We strive to educate members of our diverse communities on issues and to advocate for courses of action that positively affect our communities.


• Educate the community and policymakers on key issues with relevant research and resources
• Provide a platform for civic engagement in the form of discussion, debate, and advocacy
• Educate the public about the legislative process and encourage voting
• Take a stand to advocate for or against policy
• Train organizations and mobilize volunteers with strategies and skills for direct action on issues

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