2018-2019 Board of Directors

      Marisa Nye
      Kara Newbury
Management Council Chair
      Diana Yahle
Management Council Vice Chair
      Christin Smith
      Terry Butterworth
Recording Secretary
      Julie Kennerly Shah
Board Administrator
      Julie Kennerly
Partnership Development Director
      Kristen Witchousky
Kelton House Museum Director
      Georgeanne Reuter
Sustainer Representatives
      Anne DeVoe
      Courtney Kramer

2018-2019 Management Council

Management Chair
                        Diana Yahle
Management Vice Chair
                        Christin Smith
                        Natalie Fox
                        Susan Seaman
Partnership Development Director-Elect
                        Haley Roberts
Community Impact Chair
                        Sarah Kendall
Community Impact Vice Chair
                        Mel Garza
Fund Development Chair Co-Chair
                        Melissa Bender
                        Rachel Sabo
Fund Development Chair Vice Chair
                        Jessica Dampsey
Kelton House Chair
                        Audree Riddle Boggs
Kelton House Council Vice Chair
                        Kelsey Jo Evans
Marketing and Operations Chair
                        Deirdre Barrington
Marketing and Operations Vice Chair
                        Nicole Bergman
Mentorship Development Council Chair
                        Libbi Vynalek
Mentorship Development Council Vice Chair
                        Rochelle Toth

Past Presidents