Community Award Recipients

Since 1982, the  Junior League of Columbus has presented Community Awards to outstanding women in the community who, through their volunteer involvement and support of voluntarism, have made a significant impact in our community.

The purposes of the awards are:

  • To acknowledge the meaningful accomplishments of women in our community, and
  • To motivate League members by presenting outstanding role models of community service.


Yvonne Bell
      Mary Bishop
Elsie Blount
      Lou Brigg
Yvette McGee Brown
      Chari Carroll
Patricia Cash
      Mimi Chenfeld
Cecilia Cullman
      Sally Ann Davidson
JoAnn Davis
      Teresa Dowd
Maria Durant
      Kathy Espy
Mary Evans
      Suzanne Fahey
Janet Fenholti
      Judith Fountain
Phyllis Green
      Heather Hauge
Loretta Heard
      Nancy Heller
Janet Jackson
      Judith Kitchen
Myrna Kobre
      Mary Lazarus
Ann Lowder
      Sherry Lucas
Dr. JoAnne Fwloe Milburn
      Mary Miller
Ruth Mount
      Rachel Muha
Sara Neikirk
      Cathy Nelson
Betsy Owen
      Susan Paxton
Floradelle Pfahl
      Ann Pizzuti
Edith Poling
      Diane Poulton
Jean Reilly
      Dorothy Reynolds
Susan Roy
      Paula Spence
Nancy Strause
      Charleta Tavares
Gertrude Tyree
      Hope Taft
Forothy Underwood
      Marcia White
Carole Williams
      Grayce Williams
Catherine Willis
      Les Wright