The Junior League of Columbus bestows 6 major awards each year to people and organizations that uphold the ideals and values of the JLC.

Community Award

Since 1982, the Junior League of Columbus has presented an annual Community Award to outstanding humans in the community who, through their volunteer involvement and support of voluntarism, have made a significant impact in our community.  The purposes of the awards are to acknowledge the meaningful accomplishments that they have made in our community and to motivate and inspire Junior League members by presenting outstanding role models of community service.

Sustainer Honoree

Since 1993, the Junior League of Columbus has honored a sustaining member who exemplifies the commitment to volunteerism and community spirit that is integral to the mission of the League. The community involvement and accomplishments of each honoree are celebrated at an annual gathering hosted by the League.

Presidents’ Award

The Junior League of Columbus Presidents’ Award is designed to recognize Junior League members who have done outstanding work and volunteerism while demonstrating our JLC values. These awards have a threefold purpose to recognize members for their voluntary contributions, to make individual members’ contributions more visible to the membership and community, and to emphasize the importance that the JLC places upon its values of collaboration, community, empowerment, leadership, respect, and service. Nominations are sought by and selected by the Awards Committee, composed of the three (3) immediate Past JLC Presidents.

Outstanding New Member Award

The Outstanding New Member Award, formerly the Rising Star Award, recognizes one outstanding member of the year’s New Member Class who has not only met but exceeded their new member class requirements and displayed extraordinary leadership qualities among her fellow new member class.

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award, previously awarded to an outstanding new member, recognizes one outstanding first or second-year active member who has not only met but exceeded their membership requirements and displayed extraordinary leadership qualities amongst her fellow league members.

Team Player Award

The Team Player Award Recognizes one outstanding team member who has taken on her placement assignment and exceeded the responsibilities outlined making significant contributions to her team, committee, and/or council.